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I am getting 500 errors right after logging in with my username and password on phpmyadmin. I am trying to extract where the error log is. How do I find out where the error log is written to?

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What web server are you using? If apache, look at /var/log/httpd/error_log and /var/log/httpd/ssl_error_log. –  Vic Aug 18 '12 at 3:52

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Locate and analyse the server logs which should give further information about the error

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This isn't entirely what your looking for, but phpmyadmin has its fits. Try closing your browser effectively killing your session and get back into it. Or if you are running a local setup, turn it off and back on. I've had this happen so many times because of a conflict with the 30 minute log out screwing up.

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I got 500 errors from phpMyAdmin after updating PHP, and found the problem was that the following line in php.ini had been commented out:

;session.save_path = "/tmp"

After uncommenting this line (by removing the ;) and restarting Apache, phpMyAdmin was happy again.

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