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I'm trying to get this work but I'm getting a lot of errors i do not understand F# i hope someone is able to lend a hand. this is one of the errors I'm getting stdin(221,13): error FS0039: The field, constructor or member 'BackgroundColor' is not defined

 let morseTable = [
 'A', ".-"
 'B', "-..."
 'C', "-.-."
 'D', "-.."
 'E', "."
 'F', "..-."
 'G', "--."
 'H', "...."
 'I', ".."
 'J', ".---"
 'K', "-.-"
 'L', ".-.."
 'M', "--"
 'N', "-."
 'O', "---"
 'P', ".--."
 'Q', "--.-"
 'R', ".-."
 'S', "..."
 'T', "-"
 'U', "..-"
 'V', "...-"
 'W', ".--"
 'X', "-..-"
 'Y', "-.--"
 'Z', "--.."

let toMorse s = 
    let d = dict morseTable
    System.String.Join("", [|for c in s do yield d.[c]|])

let rec possiblyNextLetters n (morse:string) =
    match n, morse with
    | 0,_ -> [[' ']]
    | _,"" -> [[' ']]
    | _ -> 
        [for c,m in morseTable do
            if morse.StartsWith(m) then
                let r = possiblyNextLetters (n-1) (morse.Substring(m.Length)) 
                let r2 = [for x in r -> c::x]
                yield! r2]

open System
let mutable committed = ""
let toDecode = "......-...-..---.-----.-..-..-.."
while true do
    let committedMorse = toMorse committed
    let restMorse = toDecode.Substring(committedMorse.Length)
    Console.BackgroundColor <- ConsoleColor.Blue 
    Console.Write(" {0}", committedMorse)
    Console.BackgroundColor <- ConsoleColor.Black 
    let nexts = possiblyNextLetters 3 restMorse |> List.map (fun cs -> System.String(Seq.toArray cs))    
    for n in nexts do
        Console.BackgroundColor <- ConsoleColor.Blue 
        Console.Write(" {0}", committed)
        Console.BackgroundColor <- ConsoleColor.Black 
    let k = Console.ReadKey()
    if k.Key = ConsoleKey.Backspace && committed.Length > 0 then
        committed <- committed.Substring(0, committed.Length - 1)
        let k = k.KeyChar
        let k = System.Char.ToUpper(k)
        if k >= 'A' && k <= 'Z' then
            if nexts |> Seq.exists (fun s -> s.StartsWith(string k)) then
                committed <- committed + string k
                Console.WriteLine(" Not a legal next char!")
            Console.WriteLine(" Press a letter to commit that letter, or backspace to uncommit one")
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runs fine for me in fsi v2.0.0.0 –  John Palmer Aug 18 '12 at 4:21
how are you running it? im trying to run it from tryfsharp.org/Tutorials.aspx complier –  Kysumi Aug 18 '12 at 4:33
From fsi.exe - it is contained in this download - microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=11100 - I am not surprised that an online compiler does not have full support for console. –  John Palmer Aug 18 '12 at 4:36
how do i make it run with the fsi.exe do i put the code into a text document then save as a .fs? –  Kysumi Aug 18 '12 at 5:01
fsi.exe opens a shell - just paste into it and then do ;; then hit enter and the code will compile and run –  John Palmer Aug 18 '12 at 5:05

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