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I want to set a timer for 3 seconds. So that the program will follow a instruction for 3 seconds and then afterwards follow some other instruction set. 20MHz, PIC 16F877A.

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delay_ms(time at nano sec);

example :

 delay_ms(1000);  //wait for 1 sec
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There is an example on the CCS web page called 'Seconds Timer' for your exact same PIC and Clock.


1-You'll need to set the clock in the fuses

#fuses HS
#use delay(clock=20000000)

2-Write a function for the interrupt handler

#INT_RTCC                                    //Interrupt procedure
clock_isr() {                                //called every time RTCC
                                             //flips from 255 to 0

3-Initialize the interrupt

setup_timer_0( RTCC_INTERNAL | RTCC_DIV_256 );
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