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I have the following header file

typedef enum {
    MONDAY = 1,
    TUESDAY = 2,
    WEDNESDAY = 3,
    THURSDAY = 4,
    FRIDAY = 5,
    SATURDAY = 6,
    SUNDAY = 7,
} WeekDaysEnum;

NSString* dayToString(WeekDaysEnum theDay)
    switch (theDay) {        
        case MONDAY:
            return @"Monday";

        case TUESDAY:
            return @"Tuesday";

        case WEDNESDAY:
            return @"Wednesday";

        case THURSDAY:
            return @"Thursday";

        case FRIDAY:
            return @"Friday";

        case SATURDAY:
            return @"Saturday";

        case SUNDAY:
            return @"Sunday";

For some the function dayToString causes the following error:

linker command failed with exit code 1

How can I call dayToString function within Objective-C .m file ?

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Is your function itself in the header file? – user529758 Aug 18 '12 at 6:29
@H2CO3 Yes, the enum and the function are in a header file – jkigel Aug 18 '12 at 6:30
that's not good. – user529758 Aug 18 '12 at 6:34
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Move the function from the header to a separate source file or declare it as inline.

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