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As a beginner to development in javascript, I've looked around for a concise, succinct example of what an example of a method is in javascript, especially its difference with function. but everything I've found thus far looks quite convoluted. I'd love to see a super basic example I can copy and paste and play around with in my own examples.

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method is function which is part of an object. –  tereško Aug 18 '12 at 7:40
Is a function defined inside a function constructor a method when you create an instance. Because we tend to think of that as effectively a private method but in the context of JS it seems weird to me to call that a method. –  Erik Reppen Aug 18 '12 at 14:12

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Here is a simple example

function Class(){
    this.method = function(){alert('simple method')};
var object = new Class();
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In JavaScript functions are first class, which is to say, they're as portable as any other object or value. It's best to think in terms of a square to rectangle relationship between method and property where JavaScript is concerned.

The Short Answer: In JS, a method is just an object property that happens to be a function.

So, these are all methods here or functions about to become methods:

var someObjectLiteral = {
  myMethod:function(){ alert('an object literal method'); }

//or a public constructor-built object method.

function ObjectConstructor(){
  this.myMethod = function(){ alert('a function constructor instance method'); }
var someConstructedObj = new ObjectConstructor();

//or some function you just attach to objects externally

//not a method yet but it will be when it's assigned to an object property.
function stickItToAnyObjectMethod(){ alert('an externally attached method'); }

//functions are objects too and can act as namespaces if you want
//so yes, you can stick it to itself.
stickItToAnyObjectMethod.myMethod = stickItToAnyObjectMethod;

window.myMethod = stickItToAnyObjectMethod;
window.myMethod(); //also alerts - is nothing sacred in JS!?
//answer: no. That's why it's awesome.

Methods are properties that are functions in JS. These are all different kinds of implementations of properties that might override in different ways or have/not-have access to the internal constructor vars, etc... but that's all we mean. You can call it from a '.' and it's a function. Some people might get on a high horse and declare that methods are not functions when talking about JS but they are speaking in ignorance. Assign a function to a property and it's a method.

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A function is a callable piece of code that is not attached to an object:

function bar() {};

A method is a function too, although attached to an object. This has the benefit of having access to other member variables and member methods that might not be exposed outside the object.

var foo = {
  bar: function() {
    alert(this.number); // Where 'this' refers to the 'foo' object. 
  number: 7

foo.bar(); // 7
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in javascript, a function is actually attached to the window object, right? –  Baiyan Huang Aug 18 '12 at 7:28
Not necessarily. It could be in local scope of another function and you couldn't call it as a property of the window object even though the this keyword confusingly indicates window in that context. –  Erik Reppen Aug 18 '12 at 7:32

refer to "Defining methods" section at https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/JavaScript/Guide/Working_with_Objects

Defining methods

A method is a function associated with an object, or, simply put, a method is a property of an object that is a function. Methods are defined the way normal functions are defined, except that they have to be assigned as the property of an object. Examples are:

objectName.methodname = function_name;

var myObj = {
  myMethod: function(params) {
    // ...do something

where objectName is an existing object, methodname is the name you are assigning to the method, and function_name is the name of the function.

You can then call the method in the context of the object as follows:

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sonderzug here you will be able to find the Explanation along with Example of Method, Functions in Javascript

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function vs method

myobject.mymethod = function() {...} ;

define a method, this way everytime we create a myobject, the function will have multiple copies, which is a problem

myobject.prototype.mymethod = function() {...} ;

This is to solve the problem metioned above, with prototype, there will be exactly one copy of mymethod

Here is a combined example:

    function MyObject(){
        this.mymethod1 = function(){alert('copied')};
    MyObject.prototype.mymethod2 = function(){alert('not copied')};
    var myobject = new MyObject();
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Perhaps, I am confused, but are we still trying to distinguish functions from methods. I understand the similarity, but I can see the difference. –  Jared Drake Aug 18 '12 at 7:10
sorry, answer updated to your real question –  Baiyan Huang Aug 18 '12 at 7:24
lol, for the record I didn't downvote you. I just wanted to highlight the difference not to confuse the user. @lzprgmr –  Jared Drake Aug 18 '12 at 7:32
All methods are functions. All functions are not methods. You've got it twisted on the top line there. A function defined in another function can not be called as a property of the window object. That's where you're going wrong in the next part. –  Erik Reppen Aug 18 '12 at 7:33
@ErikReppen you are right, a function inside another function can't be considerred as a property of the window object - let me remove the first part to avoid confusion. Thanks. –  Baiyan Huang Aug 18 '12 at 8:01

A method is an action of an object.


var example = "Welcome";

example.strike() is a method

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