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I want to know the free high-compression tool. I use the 7Zip for now but I want another tool that can compress the file more smaller than 7Zip can. (I ever want to know that what compression tool can use for compress the 3GB file to 10MB file.)

Please tell me what is the best and free high-compression tool.

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7-Zip is about as good as it gets for the compression of typical data. –  Blender Aug 18 '12 at 7:08
I'd really like to have a compression tool that can compress any data from 3GB to 10MB! –  usr Aug 18 '12 at 15:51
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Take a look at these compression benchmarks, where you can find several programs better than 7z's ppmd and lzma2. They are in various stages of maturity. Take a look at the paq series and xwrt. (durilca is not reliable.)

However the achievable improvements over 7z are 30% to 40% better than ppmd or 60% to 70% better than LZMA. So don't expect any miracles. Compressing losslessly from 3GB to 10MB is only possible if you're starting with highly redundant data.

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The most powerful utility that doesn't require any extensive command-line interfacing is PeaZip. It handles all of the same formats as 7Zip, but with the "additional_formats" plugin it can use extremely powerful (but slow) PAQ8 formats. These won't be any good if you want to send files to others because support is rare, but they create smaller archives than even the LZMA algorithm used by 7Zip.

You can download PeaZip here: http://www.peazip.org/

Download and install it, then go to the "Add-ons" page to get PAQ8 compatibility.

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