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I have created QTableView and add an QStandardItem checkbox into with this code:

QStandardItem *chkItem = new QStandardItem(true);
chkItem->setData(Qt::AlignCenter, Qt::TextAlignmentRole);

where tblModel is QStandardItemModel.

Now i wonder how can i catch the checkbox changed state event?

I have tryed catch the table click event but this is triggered every times user click on a cell (i have no idea to know whether the checkbox state has changed or not). Please give me a way to solve this problem.

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Try QStandardItem::checkState() to retrieve the Qt::CheckState of the checkbox. If you need to know, if the state changed, then save the old state somewhere and check if the state changed on the click event.

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But in QTableView click event i don't know whether the checkbox state have changed or not – Bình Nguyên Aug 18 '12 at 8:27

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