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I am working on an ipad app where i want to integrate facebook in my app. I am using xcode-5.1. I followed the link on this URL : , but getting following errors :

Lexical or Preprocessors Issue
1. FBBatchRequestTests.h
'SenTestingKit/SenTestingKit.h' file now found.
2.Semantic issue
Use of undeclared identifier 'FB_IOS_SDK_VERSION_STRING'
Lexical or preprocessor Issue
'SenTestingKit/SenTestingKit.h" file not found
4. FBCommonRequestTests.h
 Lexical or preprocessor Issue
    SenTestingKit/SentestingKit.h file not found

Please help me solve these errors. Also give me some related URLs for integarating facebook in ipad app.

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I would suggest tossing out whatever code that you are using to connect to facebook that is in that project and to follow this. It works. I have personally used it

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There is a new Facebook SDK 3.0 with samples and tutorials FROM FACEBOOK themselves. Download it from here:

You'll find the tutorials there too.

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