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I recently started out with the SDL library in C++ because I want to learn how to create 2D games. It's my first time using an extended library and its a good and fun experience learning this so far.

I've been trying it for a couple of days now by following some tutorials on the internet. When I follow these tutorials I understand what they're doing, and I could implement that same code in my own programs but I keep forgetting the function names. I'd be toast if I dont look up the stuff I learned in previous tutorials..

How do you guys do it? Do you just search the name up whenever you need to use a certain function? Save them in a text file? Learn the important ones by heart? I could use some advice!

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Practice practice practice and you'll remember. – Bart Aug 18 '12 at 8:20
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Learn the common keywords for the things you want to do, as well as what each group of common tasks is called. Mature libraries like SDL are good at naming their functions with well-accepted, descriptive names.

Keep a copy of the documentation handy, particularly documents like this that have the function names sorted by group.

Practice, practice, practice. Over time, you'll get to know the most common function signatures by heart. You can always look up the obscure ones, as long as you know (from a higher-level perspective) what you're trying to accomplish.

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As you write more programs using SDL, this will most likely go easier.

Another option though is to write a wrapper around SDL. I do this sometimes (especially with libraries that are written in "C-style" C++), and I find it very useful.

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Thanks. Ha! I was afraid this was going to be the answer to my question. Its just a pain when you're starting out and you can't do any SDL without looking almost everything up. – user1534664 Aug 18 '12 at 8:27

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