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I am developing JAX-RS Rest service using Apache CXF. After deploying it to Tomcat 7 server, if I type the URL http://localhost:8080/Rest/rest?_wadl it shows me the WADL. but if I enter the URL http://localhost:8080/Rest/rest/retrieve it gives me 404 error.

In above URLs: Rest is the name of my project /rest is the url-pattern for my CXFServlet which is specified in web.xml / is the address of jaxrs:server which is specified in beans.xml retrieve is the path of service which is specified in my interface with @Path annotation.

(My apologies: I can't provide the XML documents referred to above.)

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Could you perhaps show your Java class? It seems to me that /retrieve is not matched. Do you have provided the method type? –  Jeroen Aug 23 '12 at 20:09

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I think this is a CXF bug which get the incorrect base URL for restful web services.

The class "org.apache.cxf.transport.servlet.ServletController" invokes the method "getBaseURL" of the class "org.apache.cxf.transport.servlet.BaseUrlHelper".

It gets the base URL from request URL, and it ignores the parameters part. This is correct for SOAP web servcies, because SOAP web services URL is just like: http://host:port/basepath?para=a. Unfortunately, for restful web services, the URL is just like http://host:port/basepath/method/parameter. The correct base URL should be http://host:port/basepath, but actually, the BaseUrlHelper gives you http://host:port/basepath/method/parameter. It just gives the URL before "?". It's why the result is correct when you access http://localhost:8080/Rest/rest?_wadl, in this case, it gives the correct base URL http://localhost:8080/Rest.

If you access http://localhost:8080/Rest/rest?_wadl at first then you access http://localhost:8080/Rest/rest/retrieve, it would be correct. Because, CXF set the base URL as the address of EndpointInfo only at the first time. It means, you MUST access the correct base URL at the first time! :(

The solution is: override the method "getBaseURL(HttpServletRequest request)" of "org.apache.cxf.transport.servlet.ServletController", let it return correct base URL.

For example, step1: extends the ServletController.

public class RestfulServletController extends ServletController {
    private final String basePath;

    public RestfulServletController(DestinationRegistry destinationRegistry, ServletConfig config,
            HttpServlet serviceListGenerator, String basePath) {
        super(destinationRegistry, config, serviceListGenerator);
        this.basePath = basePath;

    protected String getBaseURL(HttpServletRequest request) {
        // Fixed the bug of BaseUrlHelper.getBaseURL(request) for restful service.
        String reqPrefix = request.getRequestURL().toString();
        int idx = reqPrefix.indexOf(basePath);
        return reqPrefix.substring(0, idx + basePath.length());

step2: extends CXFNonSpringServlet and use the RestfulServletController in the subclass

public class RestfulCXFServlet extends CXFNonSpringServlet {
    ... ...
    private ServletController createServletController(ServletConfig servletConfig) {
        HttpServlet serviceListGeneratorServlet = new ServiceListGeneratorServlet(destinationRegistry, bus);
        ServletController newController = new RestfulServletController(destinationRegistry, servletConfig,
            serviceListGeneratorServlet, basePath);
        return newController;

step3: instead of CXFNonSpringServlet , you use the derived class RestfulServletController. Don't forget, you should config the "basePath" as /Rest/rest.

Hope this can help you.

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