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I have the following code in views, for editing a specification status ( Completed or Not completed) .

  = form_for project_specification_path(@project,@specification), :method => :put do |f|
        = f.label :status, 'Status'
        = f.select :status, ['Completed','Not completed']
        = f.submit 'Save'

After click-ing 'Save', in the update method from specifications controller, i need to update the @specification attributes.

params looks like this :

=> {"utf8"=>"✓",
 "Status"=>"Save status",

I need to write something like @specification.update_attributes(????) but i don't know how to retrieve the parameter :status from the nested hash.


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The first parameter to #form_for should be a model instance or a symbolic model name, and not a path. A custom path should be supplied using the :url => ... option, so something like...

= form_for :specification, :url => project_specification_path(@project,@specification), :method => :put do |f|
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