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I'm making an online game, that uses Wordnik API AS3 to fetch word definitions. Everything works fine when i'm testing localy (sandboxType: localTrusted). But when I upload my .swf (sandboxType: remote or localWithNetwork) I get Wordnik API response "Security error accessing url".

I've set "useNetworkServices" to true.

I'm doing:


It could be some issue with crossdomain.xml. When testing in localTrusted I get the debug message "api.wordnik.com does not specify meta-rule. using default meta-rule 'master-only'". I get similar message for Google Interactive Media Ads, but it defaults to 'by-content-type'. Google IMA works when uploaded, Wordnik doesn't.

I'm not even sure if the problem is on my side.

Helpful answer would provide a working solution for the security issue, or point to any application using Wordnik AS3 API online - maybe its developers could help.


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Don't you need to specify http:// in the URL to load the crossdomain.xml file? –  Lars Blåsjö Aug 18 '12 at 13:16
I'm not sure, but adding it doesn't solve the issue. –  pioiwan Aug 18 '12 at 19:03

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