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I have a Heroku application that binds with a telco sms gateway via SMPP The telco guys need to whitelist IPs for my app to connect. I am aware of the new addon proximo, but it's just insanely priced. So that option is out. Is there a subnet or a list of IPs that I can get whitelisted and is there a guarantee that all requests from my app will originate from tose IPs? I found this Is that only for syslog or all apps make a request from one of those IPs?


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There is now a Heroku add-on that does this called Proximo:

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The Heroku docs specifically mention how dynos don't have static IP addresses. Even when using custom domains it looks like they want you to point to a CNAME record rather than an IP address. So if you need a static IP it looks like Proximo is your best bet.

Would it be possible to use an API token to authenticate your app with the sms gateway, similar to the way the blitz.ip plugin works with heroku? Then you might not need to use a static IP whitelist.

This question looks to be doing something similar to you, and this answer suggests using a hosted VPN service. Would that work?

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I cant use an API token, the telco guys are pretty adamant about IP whitelisting only! Hosted VPN might be an option, I'll check it out. Thanks – gsin Aug 20 '12 at 9:58

Another Heroku addon option is Quotaguard , in beta, free for now.

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Answering my own question. Even though an external VPN or the proximo addon are a solution in case you want to whitelist a Heroku app, I have decided to go for the simpler option and host the SMPP binding service of my app on ec2 using an Elastic IP

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what service did you decide on for your ec2 instance? i assume you are running some sort of forward proxy? – stereoscott Apr 8 '13 at 21:14

Heroku now has Private Spaces which is what you are looking for:

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