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I am using spring with MVC also jsp page for presenting. I have requirement of allowing end user to download the table which is shown in jsp as excel sheet. The tables contain i am rendering through using the model map attribute as shown below.

<div id="hotel_user">
<table width="98%" style="border:5px solid #999999" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="1" bgcolor="#CFD7E8">
<tr style="background-color:#72E076">
  <td width="auto" height="27" align="center">Date</td>
 <td width="0%" height="27" align="center" class="row2"><b>${aff.date_string}</b></td>
 <td width="auto" height="27" align="center"><b>${aff.no_of_posted} </b></td>
 <td width="auto" height="27" align="center"><b>${aff.no_of_listed}</b> </td>
  <input type="button" id="download" value="Download As Excell">

on click of button the table data should be downloaded as excel. i have seen and tried to implement the code, it downlaod but conatin null vale in excel sheet. following below link i have implemented.

i have used in jquery as:

 $("#download").click(function() {  
 var hotel_user = $('#hotel_user').html();'data:application/,' + $('#hotel_user').html());

Any suggestion wat i am making mistake. Thanks.

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You need a way to convert the data in html table into an excel document first. Start with this You'll have to generate the document on server side and then you'll be able to initiate proper download.

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