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I have a string that I am trying to pass from my C# app to my ASP.NET MVC 3 endpoint. This string looks like the following


I am using the HttpUtility.UrlEncode method to prepare the data. I've noticed that the resulting string looks like the following:


This value is getting passed back to an ASP.NET MVC 3 endpoint. I know that the endpoint looks like the following:

public ActionResult UploadData(string data)
  // What does "data" look like here? Does it look like (2+3=5)/20 or, (2%2b3%3d5)%2f20

I'm trying to understand what data will look like on the server when its passed back. If the variable on the server is used WITHOUT any manipulation, will it be (2+3=5)/20 or (2%2b3%3d5)%2f20?

Thank you!

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What does "data" look like here? Does it look like (2+3=5)/20 or, (2%2b3%3d5)%2f20

It looks like this: (2+3=5)/20. ASP.NET takes care of url decoding properly url encoded query string parameters.

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