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i want to implement same as on this website click here

$(function() {
  $('#div_1, #div_2').hover(function() {
  }, function(){



    <div id="div_1" style="background-position:top;position:relative">
        <img src="spotlights-infytalk (1).jpg" width="329" height="110" style="position:relative;vertical-align:top"/>
    <div id="div_2" style=" overflow:auto;position:relative;padding-top:-10px;background-color:#CCCCCC">
image small few contents text
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1 Answer

give title="image content" to your img tag. like :

<img src="" title="image content" />

also use alt attribute in img tag, it will create good impact for seo.

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What you said is correct. But that is not the solution of my problem. –  Sundara Sep 6 '12 at 9:17
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