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I'm working on my first Python and GTK script. I'm trying to do a counter/timer. The problem I have is that, while the logging function returns the proper values every second, the gtk.label is not updated. What am I doing wrong?

def startTimer(self, buttonStart):
    self.imgTimer.set_from_stock(Gtk.STOCK_YES, 2)

def runTimer(self, timeout):

    for i in reversed(range(0,timeout)):

        logging.debug(i) #returns values 
        self.labelTimer.set_text(i) #doesn't do anything

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You don't give GTK+ a chance to draw the updated the label. You should either use threads (see PyGTK FAQ), or something like

while gtk.events_pending ():
    gtk.main_iteration ()

after updating the label.

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That was the problem, thank you. I have to study the subject because I don't really understand the idea behind it. –  sica07 Aug 18 '12 at 13:12

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