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I,ve checked out Scene Kit which looks pretty easy to use. There is a way to override a SCNNode's rendering, which is fine. The problem is the I would like to render additional elements next to the default rendering. When I override the rendering in SCNNodeRendererDelegate, it no longer renders for example the geometry attached to it. Lets say I would like to render the geometry's wireframe, a bounding box, or 2dtext on top. Any suggestions?

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What about adding a child node and setting the node's rendering delegate to this child node? Then access the parent node / geometry etc.. from the renderer delegate method with [node parentNode]

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it would be a nice workaround which could be used, for example to add a bounding box by accessing the parent node's geometry. But it still not working to draw a wireframe. At least not as easy. because I still have to use my own implemetation drawing the wire, instead simply overriding the opengl attributes to draw wire. –  zalavari Aug 18 '12 at 14:53

might be a silly question but did you try calling the original method with super first?

- (void)renderNode:(SCNNode *)node renderer:(SCNRenderer *)renderer arguments:(NSDictionary *)arguments{
    [super renderNode:node renderer:renderer arguments:arguments];
    //... then your stuff here....

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There is no original method, this is a delegate callback and super is whatever you set as delegate. –  Tomasz Zabłocki Jan 14 at 20:18

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