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I want to put a loading div when triggering an event function of JsHelper of CakePHP. Here is my code:

                'action' => 'get_institution'), array(
                'update' => '#institution',
                'data' => $js->serializeForm(array('isForm' => TRUE, 'inline' => TRUE)))));

Here you see, I'm getting the form and then use the request() function. But while triggering this function, I want to show a loading div. How can I do that?

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Add the loading image where you want it to be. E.g. $this->Html->image('loading.gif', array('id'=> 'loader'));

Add the following to the options array of your request:

'before' => $this->Js->get('#loader')->effect('fadeIn', array('buffer' => false));
'complete' => $this->Js->get('#loader')->effect('fadeOut', array('buffer' => false));

Now you're almost done. You want #loader to be invisible when you first land on the page, so add to your CSS #loader { display: none; }.

Now when your event is triggered, the #loader will fade in, with your loading image. And when it's done, it will fade out again. And if you want a div around it, just wrap a div around it with an ID, and perform the actions on that.

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I'd tried this. But the problem is, the request method does not trigger when the event occur. Here the code which is generated.. $(document).ready(function () { $("#loader").bind("change", function (event){ $.ajax({ async:true, beforeSend:function (XMLHttpRequest) $("#loader").show();}, data:$("#loader").closest("form").serialize(), dataType:"html", success:function (data, textStatus) {$("#MonthlyProgressInstitutionId").html(data);}, type:"POST", url:"\/cakebake\/monthly_progresses\/get_institution"}); return false;}); –  rahit Aug 21 '12 at 3:57
I have the same problem.In my case the ajax request stops when i add before and complete options. –  Gurpreet Singh Nov 20 '13 at 11:31

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