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I have created a matrix using this code:


for ii = 1:(row*pop)
    done = false;
    while ~done
        newRow = randi([0 2],column,1);
        done = (sum(newRow)<12)...
            && (~any(diff([0;find(newRow);column+1])>3));
    result(:,ii) = newRow;
result = permute(reshape(result,column,row,pop), [2 1 3]);

I get a matrix result (4,5,5) and then I want to random again in specific row and pop that is caused by a constraint.

for ii=1:pop;
       while size(find(waktu_libur(:,:,ii)>20&waktu_libur(:,:,ii)<23),1)~=11, 
       %#condition that had to be fullfilled by matrix result.
       for bb=1:row;
           if find(waktu_libur(bb,:,ii)>20&waktu_libur(bb,:,ii)<23),
           done = false;
           while ~done
                newRow = randi([0 2],column,1);
                done = (sum(newRow)<12)...
                && (~any(diff([0;find(newRow);column+1])>3));
           dummy = newRow;
           dummy= permute(reshape(dummy,jum_bag,1), [2 1]); %#this matrix which is used to replace
           result(bb:,ii)=dummy %#process replacing dummy to row in matrix result that still obey contraint.
           end %#end looping if
        end %# end looping for
     end %#end looping while
end %# end looping for

I think that my code is correct. But after running, it gives this error:

??? Subscripted assignment dimension mismatch.

Does anyone see what causes this error?

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Hey Febri, there are several more things we'll need. First make it clear that waktu_libur is the same as the "result" matrix you created in step 1. Second, there's a rogue : in result(bb:,ii)=dummy and finally the variable jum_bag is undefined –  Salain Aug 18 '12 at 16:11
When Matlab prints the error you can see the file and line where it was thrown. I suggest to set a breakpoint in that line and execute the program again. This way you can find out, which index runs out of bounds. –  Mehrwolf Aug 18 '12 at 17:17
@Salain : Mr salain, look at this link stackoverflow.com/questions/12009394/…, this is my question before, but no one understand what i want... –  Febri Dwi Laksono Aug 18 '12 at 17:39

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After fixing these issues, the code runs fine:

  1. I replaced waktu_libur by result.
  2. A comma is missing in result(bb:,ii)
  3. jum_bag is undefined in reshape(dummy,jum_bag,1). However, as reshape() requires the number of input and output elements to be equal, the only possibility is to set jum_bag = numel(dummy).

After these changes the code runs. Unfortunately, I could not reproduce your error.

However, there are some other things I would suggest to change:

  1. Add a clear result at the beginning of your first code snippet. You do not initialize the output variable but build it dynamically (which is slow, by the way). Then you change the shape of result. If you re-execute the code, the dynamic creation does not work as there is already a result in memory with the wrong dimensions.

  2. This code newRow = randi([0 2],column,1); creates a column vector. Thus the following reshape(dummy,jum_bag,1), which also creates a column vector, is not needed.

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actually, I have another matrix called "krom" that will be combined with matrix result, so then I will get matrix waktu_libur. then, from that matrix, I will try to find the best result and krom. do you understand? –  Febri Dwi Laksono Aug 19 '12 at 2:56
@FebriDwiLaksono: Probably it would be easiest, if you provide a small waktu_libur and an exact copy of the code, which throws the error. The code for the creation of the result matrix is just distracting because you do not need that matrix anyway. –  Mehrwolf Aug 20 '12 at 8:57

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