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I have a lot of resharper warnings to change my parameters from a regular array to IEnumerable of the same type so it would change this:

 public Interface IGenerator
       void Go(MyObject[] objects) 

to this:

 public Interface IGenerator
       void Go(IEumerable<MyObject> objects) 

If I go and change all of these I then get other warning anytime I am calling .Where() on that inside my function, with the warning:

  Possible multiple enumeration of IEnumerable

I see this error description but in this these are already arrays so not deffered queries.

so what is the recommended practice here? should i just keep then as arrays or add .ToList() all over the place to remove the multiple enumerable error

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"Multiple enumeration" is not an error, it is a warning (a re-sharper warning, if I am not mistaken). You can ignore it if you know for sure that you pass "materialized" collections (as opposed to ones obtained lazily, e.g. through a function that yield returns its results).

  • If changing the method signature to taking IEumerable<MyObject> makes sense because you want to pass results of various LINQ functions, then convert ToList inside your method.
  • if you need to pass other collections in addition to arrays, use ICollection<MyObject> instead of IEumerable<MyObject>.
  • If the conversion is purely for aesthetic reasons, i.e. you change the signature but keep passing arrays, you can ignore the warning altogether.
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I always already have materialized arrays but my question in that case is it just clearer to keep it as array to document that i have materialized arrays or is there something more elegant by passing in Enumerable ?? –  leora Aug 18 '12 at 13:50
@leora If passing an array is a requirement to calling your functions, then keep the array in the signature. Your callers would not have any flexibility about passing anything else, though. If you want to allow some additional flexibility, switch to ICollection<MyObject>: this will allow any collection or an array, and stop the warning. –  dasblinkenlight Aug 18 '12 at 14:00

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