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From facebook graph api docs this is curl request i need to make. From console its working. Now I want to move this post in delayed job. How can I do this:

 curl -F 'access_token=xxxxxxxxx' \
  -F 'photo=http://xxxxxx.com/photos/13' \

PS: I have token etc everything. I just want to code this curl request in ruby.

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For quick and dirty, just send the command to the shell with tics or system.

For a more elegant and efficient (having native bindings) solution, use curb Ruby gem.

Curb (probably CUrl-RuBy or something) provides Ruby-language bindings for the libcurl(3), a fully-featured client-side URL transfer library. cURL and libcurl live at http://curl.haxx.se/ .

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Net::HTTP should be all you need for a simple request like this

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