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in my function I have

# Tab completion
if [ "$1" = "--complete" ]; then
    # Commands
    for line in $(compgen -ac "notes_$1" | sed 's/^notes_//'); do
        echo $line
    # Notes
    for line in $(cd $NOTES_DIR; ls $1* 2>/dev/null); do
        echo $line

this should list all commands which start with notes_ and all files in some directory, and it does when called like notes --complete. However, when i try to use tab completion

complete -C 'notes --complete "$COMP_LINE"' notes

it shows only the files not the commands?

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echo "--$1--"



The problem is that in

compgen -ac "notes_$1"

the contents are not what you expect

I guess $1 has the value notes when you do

$ notes <TAB>

And there is no notes_notes* alias or command in your PATH

Check that adding an alias notes_notesWHATEVER and trying again autocompletion

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