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The short long of it is I'm working on a small library in javascript that will replace <div src="somesite"></div> with the content from the specified source. This would allow coders to create dynamic pages without having to do more work server-side without the annoyance of using iframes.

What I need is an efficent way to get the top most div nodes of a branch with an src attribute. E.G:

<div src="somesite/pagelet.htm" id="div1">
    <div src="somesite/fallback.htm" id="div2"></div>
<div src="somesite/pagelet2.htm" id="div3"></div>

I want to retrieve #div1 and #div3 and ignore #div2 until later. At the moment I'm using the following function, but am wondering if there is a more efficent way to do this:

function getRootElementsByAttribute(rootEle, tag, attr) {
    try {
        tag = tag.toLowerCase();
        if (rootEle.tagName.toLowerCase() === tag && rootEle.hasAttribute(attr)) {
            return [rooEle]
        var eles = rootEle.getElementsByTagName(tag),
            nodes = [], ele, isRoot, eleParent, a;

        for (a=0; a<eles.length; a++) {
            ele = eles[a];
            if (ele.hasAttrinute(attr)) {
                isRoot = true;
                eleParent = ele;
                while ((eleParent = eleParent.parentNode)) {
                    if (eleParent.tagName.toLowerCase() === 'div' && eleParent.hasAttribute(attr)) {
                        isRoot = false;
                if (isRoot == true) nodes.push(ele)
    return nodes;

Please no answers suggesting the use of a library. It seems overkill to import a whole library when all it would be used for is this single function

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You could try to use an XPath expression to get all root divs with the attribute source using something like the following XPath expression:


/div selects all divs that are on the root level. For all divs in the document use //div. [@src] specifies that you only want nodes with the 'src' attribute.

var xmlDoc = //load your document here
var xpath  = "/div[@src]"
var nodes  = xmlDoc.evaluate(xpath, xmlDoc, null, XPathResult.ANY_TYPE,null); 
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The problem is that incude(NodeHere), where NodeHere can be any node in the DOM tree, causes an XPath error or returns null. –  SReject Aug 18 '12 at 16:03

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