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please excuse the extensive detail I am about to give you on my problem.

I am currently programming a schedule generator. It has a lot of constraints: It must be able to deal with team numbers ranging from 4-12 (4-12 teams needing a game scheduled) It must be able to deal with changing play requirements (play everyone once, play everyone twice, play everyone three times etc) It must be able to deal with odd numbered teams It must be able to deal with missing weeks It must be able to deal with.... some other things.

Anyway, all of that is OK and I've solved that. The problem comes when I deal with the final requirement It must be able to assign a pitch to each game, from a range of 4,5 or 6 pitches. It must fairly distribute games on each pitch to each team. For example, if team 1 only has 1 game on pitch 4, but team 2 has 9 games on pitch 4, that's not a fair distribution.

This is where I come up a mess. I can not get the games 'fairly' distributed. Ideally, the number would equal out. However, I am not sure if that's mathematically possible, which is why I say there may be a design problem.

Currently, the PHP code loops at various stages - first it creates the schedule for round 1 (play eachother once), then it creates the full schedule (round 1 X number of times play each team), then it assigns the games in that order to the active weeks, and then finally it assigns the rinks to the games. Now there are checks at each step, and if something goes wrong it starts each step again, for example, it typically takes 3-5 loops for the first schedule, hundreds for the complete season schedule (ensuring no team plays more than once per week etc), and then we're into thousands-millions of loops depending on how strict I make the pitch fairness. Currently the check works every time if I allow the range to be 4, however when I make the range 3/2/1 it becomes less reliable, and so far only a 6 team league will produce a pitch schedule where each team is within 2 games of another team on the same pitch, no schedule gets as close as 1 difference or 0 difference.

So my question is - does anyone know if I am trying to solve a mathematical impossibility, and if not, do you have a design suggestion on how I can solve this? Currently I cut the code off from the pitch assignment at 10 million repetitions, if you think giving it 100 million would eventually cause it to find the right pitch assignment and it's not impossible, as I am running it locally I can just do that. Resources are not an issue as far as my PC goes, I just need to get it to work.

Thank you for all your time and comments, any help is greatly appreciated.

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Can you post some of your code so we can take a look at it and do some suggestions? – Green Black Aug 18 '12 at 15:30
It's not very well written, and I am not sure each individual section would make sense. I think the problem is more with the design than the code, but if you disagree I'll post some relevant parts of the code, but it requires a fairly large understanding of what's happening as it has to deal with lots of constraints. If it helps - I know the code works and does as intended, it just can't seem to (randomly) find an acceptable level of variation across the different pitchs – user1608959 Aug 18 '12 at 15:39

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