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When I get a chat message from someone on FB or Gmail, how do I go about creating a program that detects the message and then executes some commands accordingly, all programmatically?

Solutions in C++, Java or Python would be useful.

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A suggestion

  • Use java & jabber (also called xmpp) protocol
  • Install the smack library (jabber library for java, really good!)
  • Read about the jabber protocol, in your case pay special attention to the "<presence>" message. The "<presence>" messages will tell you whenever someone connects/disconect/change status on a jabber server.
  • Code
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You need to use an API for Gmail in a language of your choice. Facebook uses Jabber (XMPP) which, again, has APIs in many languages.

You are unlikely to simply receive a solution here, this site works more on a basis of helping you with some code that you've already written.

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