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How do I display each content of the array [45,70,65] on a separate row in Django? Any time I use

{% for keep in keep1 %}
    {{ keep }}
{% endfor %}

It keeps displaying 40 70 65 on three different rows, i.e.

40 70 65
40 70 65
40 70 65

but what I want is

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So you are saying you are passing keep1 = [45,70,65] in the Context to the template? You should probably also show the view code that renders the template. – alan Aug 18 '12 at 16:17
As @alan says, please post the code for your view as well. – supervacuo Aug 18 '12 at 18:06
I see you tried to add your view code to my answer (I didn't reject the edit, but other community members correctly did). Please add it to your question instead. – supervacuo Aug 28 '12 at 0:55

If you're outputting to HTML (and I imagine you are), you'll need <br/> elements in your template, or a <pre> tag:

{% for keep in keep1 %}
    {{ keep }}<br />
{% endfor %}


    {% for keep in keep1 %}
    {{ keep }}
    {% endfor %}

Whitespace characters (spaces, new lines, etc.) have special treatment in HTML, and newlines by themselves are not usually displayed.

As above, I'd still be interested to see your view code, however. It looks like

keep1 = [[45,70,65], [45,70,65], [45,70,65]]

from your output, which is not what you want. Perhaps a mistake with a list comprehension or something?

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