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I have a macbook with a 10.5.8 version. I'm trying to use vmware fusion with windows xp.

I have a perfectly good internet connection in my mac enviourment but when i go into xp i have no connection. Iv'e seen all kind of solution to the problem but havent seen one when were you go into xp menu bar -> virtual machine -> settings : and when i press network there is nothing there. and the + is in grey and you can't press it.

any ideas?

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Navigate to the "Virtual Machine" menu and select (Re)install VMWare Tools. This will install the relevant network and display drivers for your guest OS. It may trigger or require a reboot of your guest VM, but try that option first.

Following that, you will have several networking options. Choose NAT if you want to leverage the MacBook's network connection/IP. Select Bridged if you want the Windows VM to occupy its own IP address.

enter image description here

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You are probably missing guest-additions for the guest (windoiws) xp system. Your mac environment may not supply apropriate driver for ethernet controller in xp.

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i used to have the connection but it suddenely stopped – oopsi Aug 18 '12 at 17:43

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