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(tried on Server fault, so going to try here)

Hi I recently setup my octopress blog at This domain works fine, but when I try I get a "heroku no app found." Why is the www not working. Would really appreciate an explanation. I bought my domain name at dnsimple. Do I need to add a redirect from "http://www.dav..." to just "http://dav..." ?


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I'm guessing you need to configure this domain (and any subdomain) in the heroku CLI application (equiv. of ssh-ing into the machine and changing the nginx/apache location/virtualhost configuration).

I see they have an entry about this in their reference:

To elaborate a bit from the documentation:

Subdomains (

For each subdomain you want to setup configure your DNS provider using a CNAME record pointing the subdomain to the applicable Heroku hostname.

If the app is on Cedar, then CNAME the subdomain to If Bamboo, then

In DNSimple a CNAME record entry for a Cedar app would look like: enter image description here

You can confirm that your DNS is configured correctly with the host command: $ host is an alias for is an alias for is an alias for has address


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That would simply be setting up a wildcard subdomain at his registrar to: * CNAME pointing at his Heroku app. He still should set up the correct naked domain forwarding. – redhotvengeance Aug 18 '12 at 18:05

Actually, it should really be the other way around. It is much better practice to point CNAMEs at Heroku apps, since Heroku apps have no real "static" IP. Since naked domains need an A-record, pointing a naked domain to a Heroku app makes everything much less stable. So the best practice is to forward your naked domain to a "www" subdomain, and then point the "www" CNAME to your Heroku app.

Heroku goes into detail about this here.

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