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I'm trying to learn how to develop webRTC applications and I would like to know whether you can get a camera's aspect ratio... (I don't know if it helps, but I'm using webrtc.io, but -if it's better- I could stop using it)

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Since you are accessing the camera through a <video>-element, you should use the videoWidth and videoHeight attributes to calculate the aspect ratio. These values reflect the actual dimensions of the source mediastream and can differ from the width and height attributes of the <video> element as rendered on the page.

This approach seems to work well in Chrome and Firefox Nightly.

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Right now, the best assumption is square pixels, and thus width/height is a good approximation.

There's discussion in the Media Capture Task Force about capabilities, but the actual aspect ratio isn't available currently IIRC.

You should ask on the public-media-capture list at w3.org

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