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I love jQuery UI and use its "Tabs" on my sites for visual sliders as standart, but UI doesnt have an event for deselect.

What i mean:

I have an animation on tab .show(), but i want to have the deselect (but there is no deselect event on jQuery UI Tabs events) event animation on tab when it autorotates or by selecting another tab - current tab must do deselect animation and then show (with animation) selected tab. Maybe somebody knows about this problem? Thanks before!

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This logic can occur in the event for selecting. My example here is going to assume that you're linking the tab to the div by id, and that you've got a class called "selected" on the currently active tab. Change as necessary for your code.

$(".tabs li").click(function() {
  active_id = $(".tabs li.selected").attr(id);
  $this = $(this);
  $("div.tab-content#"+active_id).fadeOut("slow", function() {
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thanx! but problem is about UI Tabs has own click event on tabs manage menu and do it in any case –  Igor Sazonov Aug 18 '12 at 19:25

Have you tried using the fx option?

In particular $("#tabs").tabs("option", "fx", {opacity:'toggle'} ) or when you initialize it $("#tabs").tabs({ fx: {opacity:'toggle'} })

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