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Clojure beginner here..

If I have a set of maps, such as

 (def kids #{{:name "Noah" :age 5}
     {:name "George":age 3}
     {:name "Reagan" :age 1.5}})  

I know I can get names like this

  (map :name kids)

1) How do I select a specific map? For example I want to get back the map where name="Reagan".

 {:name "Reagan" :age 1.5}

Can this be done using a filter?

2) How about returning the name where age = 3?

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Yes, you can do it with filter:

(filter #(= (:name %) "Reagan") kids)

(filter #(= (:age %) 3) kids)
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There's clojure.set/select:

(clojure.set/select set-of-maps #(-> % :age (= 3)))

And similarly with name and "Reagan". The return value in this case will be a set.

You could also use filter without any special preparations, since filter calls seq on its collection argument (edit: as already described by ffriend while I was typing this):

(filter #(-> % :age (= 3))) set-of-maps)

Here the return value will be a lazy seq.

If you know there will only be one item satisfying your predicate in the set, some will be more efficient (as it will not process any additional elements after finding the match):

(some #(if (-> % :age (= 3)) %) set-of-maps)

The return value here will be the matching element.

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Thanks to lazy seqs you can also do (first (filter … efficiently. –  Alexandre Jasmin Aug 18 '12 at 19:05
True, I guess I mostly prefer it as the more self-documenting option (to my eye, anyway). some still has an edge for expensive predicates though (due to chunking). –  Michał Marczyk Aug 18 '12 at 21:05

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