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I'm having one table, it's containing the column name like flag, that data's are looks like 'Y' or 'N'.

When I'll take a data from that table using "Select Flag from tablename" query means it shows only 'Y' or 'N'.

But what I need is, if it's 'Y' means 'Yes' or 'N' means 'No.

If we will use Stored procedure means we will do this concept easily using 'If' or 'Case' condition.

But I want to take that data using single query.

How can I do this?

Please help me friends...

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One way is with a case statement:

select (case when flag = 'Y' then 'Yes'
             when flag = 'N' then 'No'
             else 'Oops!'
        end) as FullFlag
from table t

You can also do this with a calculated column. You could define the table and store the flag as a bit (which is as efficient as possible) and then use a computed column to retrieve another value:

create table . . . 
    FlagBit bit,
    Flag as (case when FlagBit = 1 then 'Yes' else 'No' end)
    . . .
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Thank you so much...I tried without open and closing bracket..That's why it's shown error...Thank you so much Linoff – Lavanya Aug 18 '12 at 19:10
@AdisAksh: Note that if this answer has helped you out, you can accept it formally, thus marking this question as solved. (If you like, you can delay your decision until later time to give someone else a chance to come up with a possibly better suggestion, but in any event please consider going over your past questions to see if you can accept some of the answers to them too.) – Andriy M Aug 18 '12 at 20:37

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