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I have a dmbl with a bunch of tables and some views where I set up an Association in the Designer from the View to the Table. Then in code I try and write some code that "uses" that association and it isn't there. I look in the designer file and I don't see anything in there either.

Strange thing is I have done this before successfully with these same tables and views in a different dbml and project. All that changed was we moved everything from a 2005 SQL Server to a 2008R2 Box.

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Linq2SQL does this if your 'view' does not have a primary key. So add a pseudo one L2S can use. :)

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Thank you for taking time to help the worlds most colossal idiot, or at lest most forgetful one. Thanks a ton! –  Refracted Paladin Aug 18 '12 at 19:11

Views can be added to the designed and manual associations can be added between them and other tables/views. However, the association will not create a parent/child property in the code unless you modify the view properties to define "primary keys".


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