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this is the route that makes problems:

Route::set('api', 'api(/<action>(/<currency_data>(/<currency_value>)))',
        'currency_data' => '(\d\-\d)|(\w\-\w)',
        'currency_value' => '\d+(\.\d{1,2})?'
        'controller' => 'api',
        'action'     => 'get',

the url would be something like:




both scenarios are covered but at the end do not work, why? the default rout is at the end of bootstrap(i know someone will suggest that)


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\d and \w only match one character. Therefore 123-321 does not match \d-\d and abc-cba does not match \w-\w.

If this is not the problem then please give more information on how it "does not work". What does work? What is the result you get, etc.

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tnx dude it passes now the 1st regex(i added {1,4} after both \d and \w and it worked like a charm but...yeah there is a but:<br> i cannot use floats for the last argument...it does not pass, but a integer works just fine? obviously i missed something –  mc_fish Aug 18 '12 at 20:26

Im an idiot and sry if any of you tried to solve my problem...

i commented the second regex and that the obvious reason why it did not work...tnx everyone

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