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I"m building a simple backbone.js app, without using a "real database". My data base is very simple and looks something like that:

    { "Name": "Daniel", "Month": "abc", "year": "83" },
    { "Name": "Johan", "Month": "abg", "year": "33" }

Iv'e succeeded fetching the data into a collection instance, I did console.log and saw it worked:

this.nameList = new NameList();

Up here I'm fine, now I tried to use only one of the models in the collection and nothing works. I tried:

console.log(this.nameList.get(id));  //when id is passed as a number.
console.log(this.nameList.getByCid(id))  //when id is passed as a number.

I always get "undefined".

  • How can I work with a simple database like that?
  • Where can I read about this stuff?

As an update, it works for me when working with a collection:

    this.projectList = new ProjectList;
        success: function (data) {

Not working when working with a single model:

    this.project = new Project({id: id});
        success: function (data) {

now I get : GET ......../Client/web/Data/projects/3 404 (Not Found)


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remembering that the fetch is asynchronous, are you waiting for it to return before trying to log out models? – Edward M Smith Aug 18 '12 at 20:43
you're right. I forgot that. I'll check now. – Daniel Aug 18 '12 at 20:45
Building on @EdwardMSmith 's comment. Have whatever reads your collection data listen for the reset event on nameList. – EBarr Aug 18 '12 at 20:56
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/Client/web/Data/projects/3 404 (Not Found)

Are you sure you're actually serving something at that RESTian location?

The collection's default behavior for a fetch will be to perform a GET on the collection URL [/Client/web/Data/projects] which you say is serving the correct data.

But when you call fetch() on an individual model it appends that model's id to the collection URL: /Client/web/Data/projects/3 which is returning a 404/Not Found response. If you try that URL manually do you actually get a response?

As for why console.log(this.nameList.get(id)) is returning undefined, it seems nameList didn't get populated correctly. Take a look at the output of console.log(this.nameList.models) - does it actually have the models you were expecting?

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You can retrieve the model from the "models" property:


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