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The below code is working fine in other browsers but not in IE7+. I already went through the other solution related to this type of issue but didnt work for me.

I already added alert to test it in IE but it didnt called. While in IE9 in "Network" section of developer console I saw the response with valid data.Still the ajax success function is not called. Don't know the exact cause.

If anybody have any pointer / idea on this would really help me .

Thanks in Advance !!!!!

function callExternalWSUsingAjax(request,response){

 if ('XDomainRequest' in window && window.XDomainRequest !== null) {
   // override default jQuery transport
  $.ajaxSettings.xhr = function() {
      try { return new XDomainRequest(); }
      catch(e) { }
   // also, override the support check
  $.support.cors = true;
    cache: "false"
            async : false,
            url: "",
            dataType: "json",
            data: {
                    featureClass: "P",
                    style: "full",
                    name_startsWith: request.term
            success: function(resp, txtS, xhr) {
            if (xhr.status==200) {      

                alert(xhr.status);   // not called in IE
            } else {
            alert('E : '+error + 'Status : ' + status) ;

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I face a similar issue, did you fix yours? – glautrou Aug 19 '13 at 10:11

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