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I am trying to parse a -temp option with Bash getopts. I'm calling my script like this:

./myscript -temp /foo/bar/someFile

Here is the code I'm using to parse the options.

while getopts "temp:shots:o:" option; do
    case $option in
        temp) TMPDIR="$OPTARG" ;;
        shots) NUMSHOTS="$OPTARG" ;;
        o) OUTFILE="$OPTARG" ;;
        *) usage ;;
shift $(($OPTIND - 1))

[ $# -lt 1 ] && usage
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As already mentioned, getopts can only parse short options. Most systems also have an external getopt command, but getopt is not standard, and is generally broken by design as it can't handle all arguments safely (arguments with whitespace and empty arguments), only GNU getopt can handle them safely, but only if you use it in a GNU-specific way.

The easier choice is to use neither, just iterate the script's arguments with a while-loop and do the parsing yourself. See http://mywiki.wooledge.org/BashFAQ/035 for an example.

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getopts is used by shell procedures to parse positional parameters of 1 character only (no GNU-style long options (--myoption) or XF86-style long options (-myoption))

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You can't use the getopts Bash builtin for long options--at least, not without having to build your own parsing functions. You should take a look at the /usr/bin/getopt binary instead (provided on my system by the util-linux package; your mileage may vary).

See getopt(1) for specific invocation options.

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