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Is there any way i can delete the partial memory of the pointer.? for example

char *c = new char[1000];
sprintf(c,"this is it");

As it can be seen a lot of memory is getting wasted here. can I free the memory more than the required.?

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Short answer: No. Why not just use std::string? If you really need to, you can use malloc() and realloc(). –  Mysticial Aug 19 '12 at 0:08

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Well, allocate another memory block with the precise size required for the data, copy the data there and free the original (exceedingly large) memory block. Done.

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Unless your system is a RAM-restricted embedded system, why bother? Just use ginormous buffers and include a 'dataLen' int.

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Not directly. The best you can do in C++ is to make a new copy that's the right size and delete the old one. There's no analog of C's realloc.

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