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I have been trying to post some information contained in a form to itself. But I dont understand why its not working. It works when I post the data from a HTML page but when i post the information to itself it doesnt work.

Heres the code:

    $country =  isset($_POST['country']) ? $_POST['country'] : 'Belize';
$number_of_guests = isset($_POST['number_of_guests']) ? $_POST['number_of_guests'] : 2;
$from =  isset($_POST['price_range_from']) ? $_POST['price_range_from'] : 200;
$to =  isset($_POST['price_range_to']) ? $_POST['price_range_to'] : 2000;

When I post the information from the HTML form it works fine but on submitting to itself all the variables contain the value of "on". I dont know what I am missing or failing to implement correctly.

Here is the HTML form code:

<form action="find_results.php" method = "post">
    <strong>Select the Country</strong><br />
    <input id = 'c1' type= "radio" name= "country" checked/> Mexico <br />
    <input id = 'c2' type= "radio" name= "country" /> Belize <br />
    <input id = 'c3' type = "radio" name= "country" />Jamaica <br />
    <input id = 'c4' type = "radio" name= "country" />Thailand <br />
    <input id = 'c5' type = "radio" name= "country" />Turks & Caicos 
    <hr />

    <strong>Number of Guests</strong><br />
    <input id = 'n1' type= "radio" name= "number_of_guests" /> 2
    <input id = 'n2' type= "radio" name= "number_of_guests" /> 4
    <input id = 'n3' type= "radio" name= "number_of_guests" /> 6        
    <input id = 'n4' type= "radio" name= "number_of_guests" /> 8
    <input id = 'n5' type= "radio" name= "number_of_guests" /> 10+
    <hr />

    <strong>Price Range(From)</strong><br />
    <input id = 'from1' type= "radio" name= "price_range_from" /> 200
    <input id = 'from2' type= "radio" name= "price_range_from" /> 300
    <input id = 'from3' type= "radio" name= "price_range_from" /> 400
    <input id = 'from4' type= "radio" name= "price_range_from" /> 500
    <input id = 'from5' type= "radio" name= "price_range_from" /> 600 or More 
    <hr />

    <strong>Price Range(Upto)</strong><br />
    <input id = 'to1' type= "radio" name= "price_range_to" /> 500
    <input id = 'to2' type= "radio" name= "price_range_to" /> 600
    <input id = 'to3' type= "radio" name= "price_range_to" /> 700
    <input id = 'to4' type= "radio" name= "price_range_to" /> 800
    <input id = 'to5' type= "radio" name= "price_range_to" /> 900 or More
    <br />

    <input type="submit" value="Submit" name='submit' />
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We would need to see a simplified version of your HTML form. Please gut any styles, etc. This process of creating something simpler might also help you find the root cause. – John Zabroski Aug 19 '12 at 3:51
The code was in there, just not set as code in the question. – Fluffeh Aug 19 '12 at 3:51
define it doesnt work... – Jakub Aug 19 '12 at 6:03
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You have no values set in the form. How does this work when pointing to another page?

<input id = 'c1' type= "radio" name= "country" checked value='mexico' />

You do need to set a value='something' in the form so that the right data is passed. You are probably getting them as 'on' as the form element is being passed, but with no information in the value of it.

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Thanks Fluffeh, that worked for me! – Works On Mine Aug 26 '12 at 16:37

Agree with Fluffeh. The "values" of your particular tag is forwarded to your PHP code. Without the values you can't get the desired result.

<input id = 'c1' type= "radio" value="Mexico" name= "country" checked="checked" /> Mexico <br />
<input id = 'c2' type= "radio" value="Belize" name= "country" /> Belize <br />

In PHP, these values will be set for the country.

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