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I am looking for code of RSS feed which automatically updates to database.Suppose that even if the admin of the website does not log into his system for one or 2 days ,it needs to be updated and able to view.how can it be done?

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what have you tried? –  NullPoiиteя Aug 19 '12 at 4:01

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Set up a cronjob! - If you have your own server check google for informations how to do it depending on your configuration.

Otherwhise there are a few free cronjob providers just google for cronjob.

You set a time when it's executed and an interval - a bot triggers then a file on your webserver. Of course the file on your webserver should be coded to do the job without login and such.

So a simple php file which fits your purpose will do.

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how to setup cronjob on windows system(xp/vista/7) .And is there any difference btwn cronjob in linux and windows? –  Tejaswini Aug 20 '12 at 4:46
There are differences in the setup, but in fact the result stays the same - you just have to open a file periodicaly. For your reference this could help you on a very new Windows 8 system technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc725744.aspx And for Windows XP, Vista, 7 this installation guide should to the trick for you: drupal.org/node/31506 –  Ivan Schrecklich Aug 20 '12 at 5:18

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