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I am a little bit confused. I am trying to use Node.js with lessc to compile my application which includes parts of bootstrap. I want to be able to pick bits and pieces of bootstrap for what I need since I won't be using all of it. When I import bootstrap.less everything compiles perfectly. But if I import just reset.less or buttons.less I get: TypeError: Cannot call method 'charAt' of undefined. What is going on here?

My Folder Setup



Everything compiles fine when I have @import 'bootstrap/bootstrap' I get the above error when I have @import 'bootstrap/reset'

And I have tried adding .less to the end of the file name as well, same results. I found online that less version 1.3.0 should fix this, but that is the version I am using.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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The components are dependent on the variables.less and mixins.less. You will need to include them when compiling any component (or even just the reset.less, since it uses the mixins).

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