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I'd like to access the sockjs api that meteor leverages to do its real-time updating. Meteor emits something like http://localhost:3000/sockjs/348/zfjta7hy/xhr and I'd like to leverage the sockjs api in order to circumvent the pub/sub stuff in meteor with something like this:

var sock = new SockJS('http://localhost:3000/sockjs/dynamically_created_by_meteor');

And then simply use sock to do some collaborative work that's outside the scope of meteor's real-time updating. I haven't dug through the code enough yet to see this, but am wondering if anyone has an idea on how I can get a sockjs url handle in meteor? Thanks for your help!

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I answered a similar question here, the solution isn't perfect but it works: Publish arbitrary data and automatically update HTML

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After digging through firebug and examining the Meteor object, I found this, which provides the SockJS url as of Meteor 0.3.9

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Ultimately, I intend on building a sockjs client using the above URL and issue send commands to broadcast custom events, but the Meteor.default_connection.stream object has a send command as well, though I'm not sure yet whether it's more appropriate to leverage that directly or build my own sockjs object with the URL. –  TimDog Aug 20 '12 at 13:11

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