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Calling Specific Method from ListActivity which invokes method in one of the Parent(TabActivity) w/o Losing TabHost Layout

I have Two Activity Inside TabHost 1.PlayingActivity 2.AlbumActivity

By Clicking Button inside AlbumActivty will jump to LIstActivity ->By clicking Item in ListActivity, I want to jump back to one of the method inside-PlayingActivity w/o Losing Tab Layout.

I can accomplish task by calling Activity n specific Method using these

ListActivity clicking on Item invokes specific Method in PlayingActivity

Class SongList extends ListActivty
  public void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState)
     //implemented list adapter-ls
      listadapter. . . .

      ls.setOnItemClickListener(New View.onItemClickListener)
         public void onItemClick(AdapterView<?> parent, View view, int position,
                long id) 
                    int songIndex=position; 
        Intent i=new Intent(getApplicationContext(),AlbumActivity.class);
            i.putExtra("methodName", "myMethod");
            i.putExtra("index", songIndex);


MainActivity which host PlayingActivity & AblumActivity Under TabHost

public class MainActivity extends TabActivity {

 private static final String NOW_PLAYING = "Playing";
    private static final String ALBUM = "Album";

    public void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) {

        TabHost tabHost = getTabHost();

        // Playing Tab
        TabSpec PlayingSpec = tabHost.newTabSpec(NOW_PLAYING);
        // Tab Icon
        PlayingSpec.setIndicator(NOW_PLAYING, getResources().getDrawable(R.drawable.icon_now_playing));
       Intent PlayingIntent = new Intent(this, PlayingActivity.class);
        // Tab Content

        // Album Tab
        TabSpec AlbumSpec = tabHost.newTabSpec(ALBUM);
        AlbumSpec.setIndicator(ALBUM, getResources().getDrawable(R.drawable.icon_music));
        Intent AlbumIntent = new Intent(this, AlbumActivity.class);

        // Adding all TabSpec to TabHost
        tabHost.addTab(PlayingSpec); // Adding Playing tab
        tabHost.addTab(AlbumSpec); // Adding Album tab


In PlayingActivity called specific method(playSong())

class PlayingActivity extends Activity
   public void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState)
   protected void onNewIntent(Intent intent) {
   String index=intent.getStringExtra("index");
   private void playSong(int i)

Now the Catch iz I can somehow invokes specific Method in PlayingActivity but Playing Activity which is under TabHost loses it's TabLayout

Is there AnyWay we can save Playing Activity to lose from it's TabLayout??

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Just Found out that. Little bit of logic have saved my time.



inside the activity would done all my work.

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