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Am very new to use PhoneGap to develop iPhone app. I have searched in Google to add UITableView in iPhone app by using PhoneGap framwork. I have downloaded and installed PhoneGap. I want to make a simple iPhone app using UITableView in PhoneGap iPhone apps. I have referred the below link to develop a simple iphone app via PhoneGap,

I have coded for tableview and having in HTML format. I don't know how to use and show the tableview in iPhone app using PhoneGap. Could you please help me to use UITableView in iPhone app using PhoneGap? Thanks in advance.

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Have you taken a look at the "Getting Started" guide at There are detailed instructions how to setup your PhoneGap iOS application:

You don't need to use a uitableview using objective c. You just need to create your HTML interface (divs or tables, etc...). Phonegap leverages a web view to render your HTML as the mobile application interface. No objective c coding is necessary.

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