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I want to cache a dataset in webservices in ASP.net using C#. Also, the dataset belongs to different user. i.e. Each user will have a different cache which will expire after some time.

Could anybody suggest a nice approach for this.

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Cache is application specific. But if you want to store the user specific cache, you can include user session id key in it. It might consume lot of memory ( depending upon number of users) and hence should be carefully considered.

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You could use a key that is specific to the user to cache the data. For example: __username__data where username will differ.

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you can use the ASP.NET session state to store the data. it saved per user and expire after some time (that you can configure).

here is a little article explain what you need to do to implement session at your service:


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Note that storing data in a session can be dangerous. Session is decoupled from membership. Google "ASP.NET session stealing". –  Martin Devillers Aug 19 '12 at 7:28

you can find the answer here How to store datatable in cache to reuse it?

In your case choose "secret key" as unique attribute of a user (for instance, userid, username or email)

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