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How do you write a to compile .pyx files in an arbitrary location and install the compiled code in another arbitrary location? For example dirA/spam.pyx to build/dirB/

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By default cython builds to build/lib-linux-<arch>-<ver>/spam-cpython-<ver>.so. I asked because I couldn't get it to install it elsewhere. – darkfeline Aug 19 '12 at 7:14
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According to the distutils documentation, you can build any compiled python modules in an arbitrary location using the command line option --build-base, e.g.:

python build --build-base=/build/dirB

If you want to keep the default build directory, but install to a custom location, you should use one of the options --user --home, --prefix, --exec-prefix, --install-base or --install-platbase

Finally, if you just want the .so file in the current directory, use the option --inplace

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