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I have a Canvas on which I have dynamically added some shapes. I now want to add an Image over the canvas.

Everything works fine, if I add Image out of Canvas but when I am trying to add the Image on the Canvas, the image is not showing up. Maybe it is hidden behind the Shapes drawn on Canvas.

My question is how can I bring the Image in front of the Canvas.

This is how I am adding image :

string strUri2 = String.Format(@"pack://application:,,,/MyFirstWPF;component/Images/tt.jpg");
image1.Source = new BitmapImage(new Uri(strUri2));

Note-> the shapes on canvas are added before adding the image.

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You can do this 2 ways:

  • change the Z-Index of the Image to bring it to the front of the Z-Order on the Canvas
  • use a container that allows the Canvas to be overlaid with the Image element (e.g a Grid)

If you use the Z-Index method with the Canvas then to do it properly you have to concern yourself with the Z-Index of other elements on the Canvas....because you have to choose a Z-Index value that is bigger than everything else.

You could guess, and just pick a large Z-Index which you think will never be reached by the other elements, or you could scan through the children of the Canvas and find the highest Z-Index used, so that you can always set a higher that you can ensure you "Bring to Front" the Image.

(this is probably the same as what you were using when you say "Out of Canvas")

There's an alternative way which means you don't have to explicitly bother with Z-Indexes, just use a Grid and specify the Canvas and Image as children...they will occupy the same cell, and so overlap each other...the Image being the last child will have the largest implied Z-Index.

    <Canvas x:Name="mycanvas"/>
    <Image x:Name="image1/>
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simply use

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You can set the z-index of your image higher than other shapes to bring it on top of other shapes like this - Canvas.SetZIndex(image1, (int)5);

Refer to these links to know more about z-index - Controlling z-order, Z-Index of Canvas

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