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I want to start learning to make data visualisations (as side project in my PhD) preferably with the D3.js package. I do not have java-experience but i do have a background in OOP as i mostly work in python. As such, I was wondering what's the best way to learn working with d3 and which environment one could recommend me.

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To learn D3.js you can start with the official documentations and examples. As for IDEs, there are lots of them, just choose the one that makes you comfortable. I use NetBeans for development and Notepad++ for quick editing. P.S. Java has nothing to do with Javascript. –  Adnan Aug 19 '12 at 9:04
as @Adnan points out, Java and Javascript are not the same. –  Lee Taylor Aug 19 '12 at 9:21
Please move the question to programmers.stackexchange.com - while it is related to D3, it's not really about a certain bug/feature that you would like solved but about how to approach D3... in this case it is always recommended to move to programmers.stackexchange.com –  paxRoman Aug 19 '12 at 17:53
I find this site to be useful. besides their commercial deviation and dragging, it is a well formed one for newbies with focus. –  sivatumma Dec 7 '13 at 7:25
yes please change Java to JavaScript. it's like comparing ham to hamsters. –  Donald Derek May 5 at 22:52

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Since I recently found it, I'd recommend working with http://phrogz.net/js/d3-playground/ as well for a sandbox in which to trial out and learn how the pieces can work together.

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Scott Murray's tutorials are a great starting place: http://alignedleft.com/tutorials/d3/

Regarding environments, you might find this useful: http://livecoding.io. It's an interactive coding editor designed to help you learn d3.

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Note that livecoding.io appears to be down. –  Seanny123 Sep 21 at 18:27

Scott Murrays website is a good first start http://alignedleft.com/tutorials/d3/.

Once done with that, I might recommend you take a look at this website http://techslides.com/over-1000-d3-js-examples-and-demos/, it lists 1000 examples of d3. You can usually copy the javascript data and code and play around with it locally on your own computer.

You can also try to take one of these plots and see if you can reconstruct it.

The reason why I found this to be useful is that you need to be able to recognize the errors that d3 throws at you. It's the moments that you have no idea why there is an error that are troublesome. By having an example that you are reconstructing you guarantee yourself of a copy of code that works such you might be able to more easily correct yourself.

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I've written a few tutorials for beginners to learn both Javascript and data visualization:

http://blog.vida.io/2014/06/23/coding-visualization-tutorial-1-variables/ http://blog.vida.io/2014/06/23/coding-visualization-tutorial-2-functions/

I find the first four tutorials from wiki very useful to learn D3 fundamentals:


Introduction, Three Little Circles, Thinking with Joins, How Selections Work.

My team runs https://vida.io. We use template approach to d3 and allow user to quickly create working document, upload new data, and bind data to document through GUI editor. Check out examples to get started:


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