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I wanna select every nth in a jQuery set of elements.


  1. How do I select every third (C and F) in

  2. How do I select all other elements that is not every third (A, B, D, E, G) of the same set?

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You could use the $.grep function which passes to the callback the each element in the set as well as its index (0 based). So it's up to you to decide which one you want to keep:

var elements = $('<ul><li>A</li><li>B</li><li>C</li><li>D</li><li>E</li><li>F</li><li>G</li></ul>').find('li');
var result = $.grep(elements, function(element, index) {
    return (index + 1) % 3 == 0;

and if you wanted the other elements simply invert the condition: (index + 1) % 3 != 0

Another possibility is to use the .filter() function:

var result = $('<ul><li>A</li><li>B</li><li>C</li><li>D</li><li>E</li><li>F</li><li>G</li></ul>')
    .filter(function(index) {
        return (index + 1) % 3 == 0;    
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Working Demo

(1) $('li:nth-child(3n)') - Select every third list-item


(2) $('li').not(':nth-child(3n)') - Select others


If you don't have the elements in the DOM, but only in the string specified in the question, combine these techniques with .children():

var thirds = $('<ul><li>A</li>...</ul>').children('li:nth-child(3n)');

var others = $('<ul><li>A</li>...</ul>').children('li').not(':nth-child(3n)');

In this case, .children() and .find() can be used interchangeably since you don't have any nested elements in the list-items; in general though, the former only searches a single level down, while the latter searches through all descendants (which is not as efficient if you know you only want to go one level down).

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